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Welcome to W3 Ranch & Hogan Ranch!

About Us

Welcome to W3 & Hogan Ranch Website. W3 Ranch has moved their goats to Southeast Kansas and went into partnership with Michael & Venessa Hogan. We are located just south of Moline, KS.

W3 Ranch meat goat operation consists of the development of three separated herds: full blood Savanna Goats, full blood Kiko Goats, plus a percentage and commercial herd. Kiko and Savanna full blood and percentage goats for sale.  All of our goats have the option of papers either as pure bred or percentage.

We strive to develop a strong doe herd base with exceptional maternal instincts, parasite resistance, and early kid growth. We have chosen the Kiko and Savanna breeds as they have the history and genetics for these traits. W3 Ranch is a forage based operation with multiple pastures for herd rotation. Loose minerals are provided free choice and the herd is provided supplement during inclement weather. Worming and veterinarian services are provided on a as needed bases.

Our commercial herd is made up of Kiko/Boer cross bred to full blood Kiko and Savanna bucks. We have Percentage goats for sale at all times.

Savanna Goats

If you are looking for Savanna Goats for Sale, please see our sales page or fill out our contact form. Our Savanna goats are muscular, fully developed goats, and adapt well to a variety of climates.

African Savanna Goat

Savanna Goat

Kiko Goats

We will have some high quality Kiko Goats for Sale. Our Kiko Goats are great animals that are easy to maintain, perfect for our budget, very hardy, and have a lot of meat on their bones.

Purebred Kiko Does

Purebred Kiko Does

Kiko / Boer Cross

Our commercial / percentage herd is made up of Boer/Kiko Cross bred goats, producing white, paint, and traditional boer colored goats.  Bucks and does will be sold at premium commercial prices. This represents an excellent opportunity to purchase a starter herd.

Commercial Herd Doelings

Commercial Herd Doelings


Goats For Sale

If you are looking for quality  Goats For Sale, we believe that our goats are exactly what you have been searching for.  Please give me a call 620-515-3548 or use our contact form to learn more about our goats for sale.

W3 Ranch Membership and pedigree services:

International Kiko Goat Association
American Kiko Goat Association
Kiko Pedigree
American Meat Goat Association
International Pedigree
International Boer Goat Association
North American Savanna Association


Hogan Ranch

Michael Hogan
1624 Angus
Moline, KS 67353

620-647-3548 - Home
620-515-3548  - Cell

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Kiko Goats and Savanna Goats for Sale in Kansas


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