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Kiko Goats in Kansas

KIKO GOAT: The primary characteristic of the Kiko goat is its hardiness and its ability to achieve substantial weight gains when run under natural conditions without supplemental feeding. Most importantly, the female is capable of conceiving, carrying and giving birth to and rearing multiple offspring without intervention under less than ideal conditions. The Kiko goat is well known for its exceptional maternal instincts and the ability of the new born to survive with minimum intervention. The Kiko is an aggressive forager and exhibits the ability to carry a heavy parasite load. We are committed to the continued development of these characteristics.

The W3 Ranch Kiko blood lines include Confederate, Goldmine, Generator, and Moneymaker. The recent addition of "The Rock" is an outstanding example of the continued commitment to the development of our Kiko program. "The Rock" , out of Boulder Hills R24 and Eastex James Bond, exhibits the depth, width, and size found in the outstanding genetics of the contemporary Kiko. The W3 Ranch has full blood and percentage Kikos for sale at all times. Visitors are welcome, please contact us for directions to the ranch.

Kiko Kid

1 day old 88% kiko doeling

Fullblood Kiko Goat

Azaria - Fullblood Kiko

As goat ranchers, we are looking for goats with genetics that are full of meat, don't cost too much money and are easy to care for. For these reasons, we really like our Kiko goats. Without much work, a Kiko goat can gain sufficient bodily weight to make them profitable at the marketplace. Our Kikos are at home in our fields and enjoy working the brush.  Kiko goats are lean and produce a high ratio of meat to animal weight, which results in higher percentage yields in sales than some other animals and breeds. We like Kikos because they are resilient and easy to care for. They grow very quickly, getting up to 100 pounds in only six months. The word Kiko is a aboriginal New Zealand word meaning Meat. The history of the kiko goat is one that includes hereditary survival, resulting in an energetic and tough goat that is sufficiently capable of dealing with the elements of nature, including climate, parasitic threat and maladies that have stricken down other breeds.


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